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How’s it going? We’re Leah + Declan! In 2017 we were bored of our 9-5 jobs so we decided to pack up and hit the road to start an adventure of a lifetime in Australia. We’re now living in our beloved campervan ‘Mighty Mo’ leaving tracks, not growing roots. There’s nothing we love more than exploring the great outdoors with a bag of snacks and our cameras!

We started Officer Travels as a way of documenting our adventures and hopefully encourage you to take the leap into doing what you love! We’re not perfect, we don’t always get it right and heaven knows we’ve been truly lost a few times. That’s all part of the fun for us!

Through Officer Travels, we are dedicated to bringing you destinations guides, tips on sticking to a budget and of course amazing pictures, we know you’ll love! Do you want inspiration for your next trip and to find out how to do it? Then you’ve come to the right place!!

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“Travellers are dreamers who made their desire for adventure a reality!”

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Gen Xers take on the world

Gen-Xers taking on the world! Audrey and Andrew, budget travellers who run Gumnuts Abroad travel blog, have over 30 years experience in Globetrotting as a couple and with 20+ countries under their belt, this travelling couple sure have some stories to tell! We got the chance to speak to the couple about how they've seen travel [...]

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Extending your working holiday visa | A guide to the 88 days

A guide to extending your Australian Working Holiday Visa. For backpackers looking for farm work, the stress of trying to find a job that is suitable for your 88 days compulsory work days can almost make you question if the second year in this beautiful country is even worth it. We’ve been there, almost every other backpacker we’ve [...]

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If not now, when? | Ashley from Wanderdoll

If not now, when? | Ashley from Wanderdolls For this week’s travel inspiration, we’re joined by Teacher and solo traveller Ashley from Wanderdolls.com. Ashley started her travel life as a teacher in Korea but since then has travelled all over the Americas, Asia and even Europe taking her teaching with her.  Like us, she believes travel is for [...]

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Chase your wild dreams | Margarita’s inspirational quest

Chase your wild dreams | Margarita from The Wildlife Diaries. This weeks travel inspiration comes from Margarita from The Wildlife Diaries. Margarita is on a solo mission travelling to see wildlife in their natural habitat, more specifically she aims to see all 40 species of big cats! This means travelling to some pretty isolated locations across the world so [...]

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