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Driving the FORGOTTEN WORLD Highway – Ghost towns and Hobbit Holes

What springs to mind when you think about driving The Forgotten World Highway? Bendy roads that weave through wild, overgrown rainforests? Old road bridges that would have even the bravest of drivers on the edge of their seats? Villages that look as though time has stood still? If you answered yes to all of these then what you’ve imagined is, in fact, New Zealand’s State highway 43, [...]

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Our favourite NORTH ISLAND HIKES – Volcanoes, forests + mountains

When we set off from Auckland for our big 5 week road trip around the North Island, we had the intention of completing as many walks as possible, while freedom camping whenever we could. Many would choose to do both Islands within this time but we wanted to explore every corner of the North. It didn’t disappoint. The walks on the North Island vary so there definitely [...]

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20 UNIQUE PLACES to visit on New Zealand’s North Island in 2020

New Zealand’s North Island is often overlooked by travellers. They’ll do a speedy road trip but the aim is usually to get through it as quickly as possible so they can reach the South ASAP. But we have a list of unmissable and uique places to visit on New Zealand’s North Island, that will change that perspective and make you realise just how much there is to [...]

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There’s MORE to Wanaka than THAT famous tree – Our favourite things to do

Most people know Lake Wanaka solely for that famous tree but there are so many other things to do in Wanaka that we feel the area warrants longer than a quick day trip. After living by this beautiful lake for a couple of months now (and counting) we want to show you how much more this lakeside town and its surrounding area has to offer, so here [...]

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FREE places to see Glow Worms in New Zealand – An unforgettable experience

Being able to see glow worms in New Zealand is on many tourists bucket list and after we were able to find them in Australia, I knew we just had to see them here too. A quick google search will bring up hundreds upon hundreds of recommendations for expensive tours, adventure packages and mass group tours but did you know you can see glow worms in New Zealand for [...]

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