5 Date ideas that won’t break the bank in Sydney

Valentines is just around the corner (yay?) so if you’re lucky enough to be travelling Sydney with your partner, or have met someone while here we’ve put together our 5 favourite budget date ideas to give you the best Valentines in Sydney. Don’t worry though! These budget ideas will still get those romantic vibes flowing and have you feeling well and truly loved by the end of the date.

Pylon Lookout

For $15 each Pylon Lookout on the Sydney Harbour Bridge is the perfect way to get your valentine’s heart soaring. Whisk your loved one up above the Harbour and experience the views together. What makes this even better as a date idea in Sydney though is how quiet it is here! Hold each other close and take it all in without a worry in the world!

BBQ in the park

We love that Sydney has these free BBQs in most of its parks and what better time to make the most of them than valentines? Pack up a picnic, take a blanket, some music and some wine then sit back and enjoy each others company with this simple yet romantic date.

The Blue Mountains

If you haven’t been to the Blue Mountains yet, valentines day is the perfect time to go! Spend the day exploring the mountain ranges then find a cosy lookout and watch the sun go down at the end of the day. Sunday’s are Sydney’s cheap travel day, you can get to the Blue Mountains for as little as $2.60! Pack a picnic, put your comfy shoes on and make a day of it!

Already been to the Blue Mountains? Why not visit Nelson Bay for the weekend instead!

Get your furry fix at Catmosphere

This one is for all you cataholics out there! Treat your loved one to a date at this bundle of fun cat cafe. Located in Surry Hill Catmosphere is home to 20 adorable cats who are just dying to be loved this valentines day! This cafe is run as a rescue/foster home for cats and kittens from the local rescue centres so there is a fee for entering the rooms where the cats are homed. For a modest $20 you can chill out with a coffee and cookie whilst giving these precious babies.. umm, and your date?… all the love they deserve. Money goes towards the upkeep of their care too so it’s a win-win in our eyes!!

Manly Penguins and Sunset Ferry

After spending the day at Manly exploring its beaches head over to Manly Cove beach for 7 pm to see the colony of Fairy Penguins coming home to nest. During mating season these little cuties come into Manly to lay their eggs and nurture their young. Now protected by volunteers this colony is one of Australias last that come inland to breed. At around 8 pm catch the ferry back to Circular Quay and watch the sunset over Sydney Harbour Bridge as you reach the harbour. If you fancy a more secluded coastal escape for your date in Sydney, check out Watsons Bay to grab some fish and chips!!

Sydney has so many nice beaches, if you want to explore beyond many check out these top 10 Sydney beaches!

Valentine’s day for us is the perfect excuse to experience something new from the city we’re in so I hope these budget date ideas have provided some inspiration for you and your valentines! Enjoy it and make the most of the quality time you have together – it’s not every year you find yourself in Sydney on Valentine’s day!

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  1. Samantha 16/02/2018 at 4:01 am - Reply

    Sometimes it’s hard to find good date ideas, especially ones that don’t burn a hole in the pocket! I can say I’ve been to a cat cafe (they’re huge in Asia) and it’s so much fun! As long as your date isn’t allergic! lol

  2. Carmen Edelson 15/02/2018 at 1:01 pm - Reply

    Wow, that lookout view is INSANE! So worth the $15 in my opinion. Your photos are stunning, thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Josh 15/02/2018 at 10:08 am - Reply

    Budget travel tips are always really useful, especially in countries like Australia when it can be very hard to keep costs down.

  4. Zac 15/02/2018 at 6:20 am - Reply

    As a Sydneysider I can definitely confirm the Blue Mountains as being a great spot for a date 😉 And anything involving the harbour (like the Manly ferry opr Pylon Lookout) is always a winner. I’d also suggest some of the more secluded beaches down in the Royal National Park!

  5. Meagan 15/02/2018 at 12:59 am - Reply

    These are such great ideas! Now I wish I were local to Sydney, because I’d do them all 🙂 I think the penguins might be my first priority…

  6. Jennifer 13/02/2018 at 6:57 pm - Reply

    I pretty much love all of these ideas. It would be difficult to choose between cats, penguins, and hiking. Knowing me, I would try to fit them all into one day.

  7. Rachel 13/02/2018 at 4:58 pm - Reply

    Gotta love a budget date. The Blue Mountains appeal to me the most, I love getting out into nature, and away from the bustle of the city for a bit. Perfect for quality time with the other half!

  8. Kavita Favelle 12/02/2018 at 7:34 pm - Reply

    I’m so used to thinking of Australia as immense that I don’t think I really took on board that you could reach the Blue Mountains so quickly from the heart of Sydney. I think that one would be the winner for me from your lovely suggestions!

  9. Emma | The Gap Life Diaries 11/02/2018 at 11:03 am - Reply

    I got so jealous reading this! Here in Europe it’s always so cold for Valentine’s Day – I’d love to be able to go see some penguins on the beach in Sydney instead of being stuck indoors wearing 40 layers!!

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