A COMPLETE GUIDE to road tripping Australia’s East Coast – EVERYTHING you need to know!

Our complete guide to road tripping Australia's East Coast The Australian East Coast is on every tourist's Australian bucket list. In fact, for most, it’s their reason for being here in the first place. We’ve been lucky enough to spend 18 months slowly making our way from Melbourne to Cairns while living in our tiny home; In this time we’ve put together an extensive list of all the must-see [...]

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Reflections on a YEAR OF TRAVEL – 12 thoughts after 12 months travelling

Reflections on a year of full-time travel I can’t believe we’ve been on the road for a whole year. The time has flown by and I know that in a blink we’ll be another year down the line and no longer in Australia! If there’s a cliche that’s never been truer, it’s this; travel changes you. It’s true. This post was originally going to be about life lessons and [...]

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Australia WILDLIFE SPOTTING guide – Our Australian wildlife bucket list!

I’ve always been obsessed with wildlife, you won’t be surprised to hear that David Attenborough is a huge inspiration to me and part of the reason why I love to travel so much; I mean, have you seen some of the places he’s been to?? Over the last year, travelling Australia has given us the opportunity to see some pretty amazing animals up close and while my goal would be [...]

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Extend your WORKING HOLIDAY VISA – A guide to the 88 days

For backpackers looking for farm work, the stress of trying to find a job that is suitable for your 88 days compulsory work days can almost make you question if the second year in this beautiful country is even worth it. We’ve been there, almost every other backpacker we’ve met along the way has too, so you’re definitely not alone. To make life a little easier and a lot less scary for [...]

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We bought a CAMPERVAN! The Story of ‘Mighty Mo’ – A travel diary

The story of buying mighty mo! This is a very well overdue post (oopsie! Sorry!), especially if you've been following our travels on Instagram! But here it is, the story of Mo! And her mighty make-over!! It’s been a well-known dream of ours to have a Campervan that we can use for full-time travel. In the UK that seemed near impossible, a decent one was well [...]

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