Top 5 zoos in England – A look into ethical tourism

Ethical Travel, the search for ethical zoos in England and across the globe is a hot topic at the moment. The use of animals being used as entertainment for travellers who don't know any better is central to a lot of debates in the recent year, and rightly so. From the Whale Sharks of Donsol; to the endless list of Elephant ‘sanctuaries’ across South East Asia, even lion walking in [...]

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Secret things to do in London without the tourists

So you've done the popular museums, you've visited Covent Gardens and been to Leicester Square, now what? Here are our favourite secret things to do in London that will have you avoiding the crowds!  Take in the view from Alexandra Palace Looking for something free to fill up your day? Why not take the tube to Wood Green station; from there you [...]

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The Grant Museum of Zoology – A unique look at natural history

The free museums in London are great. Well, they're a good free attraction in any city. Just ask anyone their recommendations for London and in the top 5 will be The Natural History Museum; and rightly so, it's a fantastic place that you could spend days exploring... But what if you've already done that? or don't fancy the crowds? What if there was another place hidden just [...]

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Exploring London the Tourists way

To follow on from my post “Secret Places in London without the Tourists!', we want to share with you our favourite touristy things to do in London; because c'mon... they're popular for a reason!! Whether it’s your first visit to England’s capital or your 100th, these iconic London attractions are always worth a visit! Harry Potter Studio Tour At £47 per adult, [...]

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Things to do in York on your first visit!

York is one of the prettiest Cities in England (Or at least in our eyes!) and it's certainly our favourite city to visit when we're home. Old buildings, little unique coffee shops and beautiful walks, there isn't much else you would want from an old English city. If you're planning your first ever trip to York, here's everything you need to know and activities you absolutely cannot miss while [...]

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