Everything you need to know about the Forgotten World Highway!

What springs to mind when you think about driving The Forgotten World Highway? Bendy roads that weave through wild, overgrown rainforests? Old road bridges that would have even the bravest of drivers on the edge of their seats? Villages that look as though time has stood still? If you answered yes to all of these then what you’ve imagined is, in fact, New Zealand’s State highway 43, [...]

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Tongariro National Parks most underrated Alpine hike!

New Zealand has many great full and multi-day walks, the Tongariro Alpine Crossing is one of them. However in winter thanks to heavy snow and increased danger levels, it’s often closed to the public unless you pay big dollar for a guide. That doesn’t mean you have to miss out though. During our recent road trip around the North Island, we found the perfect winter alternative to the Tongariro [...]

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