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Our favourite road trip podcasts to help you pass the time

We realise travel isn’t at the top of everyone’s priority list right now so we’ve put together a list of our favourite podcasts that we usually listen to on our long road trips but right now, we’ve been binge-listening from the comfort of our own home. There’s a good mix of everything on here but we’d love to hear what your favourite podcasts are too! So check [...]

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Packing HAND LUGGAGE only – What you won’t be needing

Tomorrow we head to London where we'll await our 18 hours one-way flight to Australia. We still haven't packed our backpacks. We have 36ltr bags a 5kg limit and no checked luggage... Luckily enough, I created a loose packing guide weeks (honestly; months) ago to give us a rough idea on what we'd like to take... let's see how that compares to what we're actually taking!! Clothes! Leah - 1 x leggings (Black) 2 x shorts [...]

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