Kronosaurus Korner Museum – Walk with dinosaurs in the Outback!

The Kronosaurus Korner Museum is part of Australia’s Dinosaur Trail, a trail that includes 3 towns and tonnes of fossil exploration in outback Queensland. The Richmond Dinosaur Museum contains some of Australia’s most complete dinosaur remains and is possibly the most popular of the things to do in Richmond, Qld. It’s also part of the reason we chose to go inland to Darwin, instead of following the coast along the [...]

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8 places to see in the Australian Outback – A road trip from Cairns to Darwin

We’re fast approaching the last edition of our ‘places to see’ road trip itineraries for Australia but this time we’re heading further inland than we’ve ever been so far. I never imagined there’d be so many amazing places to see between Cairns and Darwin, especially since we decided to head down and west instead of over the top to follow the coast as many do. This leads to some [...]

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Our favourite free things to do near Cairns!

Cairns is often overlooked as a tourist destination, with Brisbane being Queensland’s capital a lot see it solely as a finishing point for their East Coast journey or launching pad for the Great Barrier Reef. We think there’s much more to Cairns and it’s surrounding area, especially if you’re looking for free activities! During our 3 months in the Cairns we spent most weekends exploring the surrounding area and checking [...]

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A self guided weekend at Cape Tribulation!

While we were living in Cairns, we knew we wanted to visit Cape Tribulation, it’s the furthest North you can go in a 2WD and that seemed like a nice way to end our East Coast journey. You’ll know by now that we’re not big lovers of tours so our plans revolved largely on us being our own tour guides. It turns out, you can cram a lot into a [...]

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7 Unmissable places to see on your road trip between Brisbane and Cairns

If you’re planning a road trip from Brisbane to Cairns then you’re in for a treat. Besides driving down Australia’s Centre, travelling through Queensland has probably been our most memorable road trip of 2018. If you plan the route between Brisbane and Cairns right , you’ll be able to see every aspect of this beautiful state and plenty more. We want to show you our favourite places to see [...]

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