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Prepare for the Aussie Outback with this camping checklist!

When we were putting together our outback camping checklist, we weren’t 100% sure what we were going to be faced with. While we wouldn’t be deliberately going down any 4x4 tracks, we knew we needed to be prepared for every possibility. That included breaking down, extreme weather, illness and everything in between. Preparing for the Australian outback might seem like a daunting task at first, but we hope this outback [...]

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Coober Pedy facts to know before you go!

Coober Pedy is the self-proclaimed Opal capital of the world. It’s a million miles from anywhere, in the middle of the arid Australian Outback and just a stone's throw from the South Australia and Northern Territory border. After Uluru, it was the next stop that excited me the most about our trip from Darwin to Adelaide, but was it everything it’s hyped up to be? Let's explore some Coober Pedy [...]

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How to make the most of 48 hours in Adelaide!

Making the most of 48 hours in Adelaide Before we’d even booked our flights to Australia, Adelaide was on our radar. We’d seen it on TV and the city looked beautiful. We knew it wasn’t a huge city, just a tiny crumb compared to Melbourne, but we were adamant to see what it was all about. Almost everyone we met once in Aus was confused by our travel plans, one [...]

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Living in a van during a cyclone!

When a Cyclone threatens South Australia In September we left Melbourne and hit the road to South Australia, it started off great but as we approached the boarder's things began to change. As we lay in bed listening to the pitter patter of rain on the roof, the van slowly being rocked by the wind, we joked about a storm brewing and listened to the crash of the high [...]

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