GIFT IDEAS for road trippers, hikers and camping enthusiasts

Do you know an outdoors enthusiast or someone who road trips a lot? As someone who essentially lives on the road, I know we can be extremely hard to buy for at times. With this in mind I thought it would be a great idea to put together a list of what I consider to be perfect gifts for road trippers and camping enthusiasts. I’ve included a [...]

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Our favourite FREE things to do near CAIRNS – Budget-friendly day trips

Our favourite free things to do near Cairns! Cairns is often overlooked as a tourist destination, with Brisbane being Queensland’s capital a lot see it solely as a finishing point for their East Coast journey or launching pad for the Great Barrier Reef. We think there’s much more to Cairns and it’s surrounding area, especially if you’re looking for free activities! During our 3 months in the Cairns we [...]

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6 ways to REDUCE your PLASTIC FOOTPRINT – Our plastic pollution solution

Our Plastic Pollution Solution This month is ‘plastic free July’ and if there’s one thing our trip to Bali highlighted for us, it was the drastic need to reduce our plastic intake; as individuals, as travellers and as humans. Did you know that globally we buy about 1,000,000 plastic bottles per minute… Per minute! That’s an insane amount and so upsetting when you consider how many eco-friendly alternatives to [...]

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Extend your WORKING HOLIDAY VISA – A guide to the 88 days

For backpackers looking for farm work, the stress of trying to find a job that is suitable for your 88 days compulsory work days can almost make you question if the second year in this beautiful country is even worth it. We’ve been there, almost every other backpacker we’ve met along the way has too, so you’re definitely not alone. To make life a little easier and a lot less scary for [...]

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5 DATE IDEAS in SYDNEY – Suggestions that won’t break the bank

5 Date ideas that won't break the bank in Sydney Valentines is just around the corner (yay?) so if you’re lucky enough to be travelling Sydney with your partner, or have met someone while here we’ve put together our 5 favourite budget date ideas to give you the best Valentines in Sydney. Don’t worry though! These budget ideas will still get those romantic vibes flowing and have you feeling well and [...]

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