Tongariro National Parks most underrated Alpine hike!

New Zealand has many great full and multi-day walks, the Tongariro Alpine Crossing is one of them. However in winter thanks to heavy snow and increased danger levels, it’s often closed to the public unless you pay big dollar for a guide. That doesn’t mean you have to miss out though. During our recent road trip around the North Island, we found the perfect winter alternative to the Tongariro [...]

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Where to find the Maori carvings of Lake Taupo!

Imagine being surrounded by crystal clear water, paddling across a volcanic lake in a small kayak while you hunt for artwork and sculptures carved into the side of a cliff face. It sounds like something out of an Indiana Jones movie but it is in fact an experience we had with Taupō Kayaking Adventures while visiting Lake Taupō in the centre of New Zealand’s North Island, and it's one that [...]

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4 reasons to road trip around the Coromandel Peninsula!

If there’s one thing we love more than road tripping, it’s road tripping through unexpected scenery - and that’s exactly what happened when we took a road trip around the Coromandel Peninsula. If I’m completely honest, after being not-so blown-away by Auckland we had a few reservations about what the North Island was going to have in store for us. We had many people tell us to ‘just do a [...]

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