We usually like holiday’s with a difference; near hiking tracks and places we can explore off the beaten path or somewhere with a bit of uniqueness. This time, however, we craved a beachy setting. Somewhere we could just relax and watch the waves crash, cocktails in hand. It would still be an adventure, but it wouldn’t take it out of us and leave us needing another week to get recover from our action-packed holiday.

It didn’t take us long to settle on Cyprus. Neither of us had been before and for June the prices were quite good (not to mention the weather looked amazing too!). Queens Bay Hotel seemed in an ideal location; Right by the beach, overlooking the water and great views for watching the sunset, but also not too far from the nearest tourist spots either. We were both super excited about our upcoming holiday – having not actually had a proper holiday for ages, but in the back of our minds, we were concerns that the typical Brit package holiday might not be the holiday for us.

Over our week at Queens Bay, we came to the realisation that we were right. Being a ‘Typical Brit’ wasn’t for us. Don’t get us wrong we’re glad we did it and loved  Paphos when we took the time to go and explore. There was just something about the package mentality that we didn’t like! Here’s our list of niggles that made us not want to book another package holiday anytime soon:

Holiday in Cyrpus

– The people –

HA yes. I know you meet annoying people on every type of holiday. On this particular one, they seemed to be abundant. A day spent by the pool was often spent rolling our eyes at that group of tourists that pulled together on their first day; then spent the rest of the week trying to one-up each other on what they’ve done in life. Or the group of older Brits who insist on talking to everyone they meet about politics. (although this one could just be because Brexit had just been announced…) … It get’s tiring.

– The rudeness –

OK, so this probably ties into ‘people’. Having worked in bars I’m no stranger to rudeness but in this environment. It seems that a lot of (not all) tourists seem to forget that the staff at their chosen hotel are people too; We saw manors going straight out the window…. paying for a room does not give you the right to click your fingers at a waiter. 

– The food –

‘Meh’. We’d heard some amazing stories about all-inclusive resorts and their food; so expecting a taste of local cuisine we went to dinner with hungry tums and high hopes. We were left disappointed. The food was ok, but it was the same food we’d had before and could get at home. It didn’t strike me as authentic Greek food; more like very westernised and generic European food (pasta, rice, pizza, chips…) I know they have to cater for all tastes, but it would have been nice if one night they served up proper authentic Greek meals on the side.

– The cringy entertainment –

Bingo. That’s right, Bingo was the entertainment of choice for 2 nights of the 7 we were there. I’m not going to lie – I was actually looking forward to some cringy entertainment, but again I thought it might be a bit more Greek and a bit less…. British. Karaoke was another night. We really enjoyed the singers though, they were a good laugh and did some of our favourite songs – as well as doing requests, so 1/7 ain’t too bad.

I guess everything we didn’t like about our package experience is things other people really enjoy, everybody holiday’s differently so this is by no means us saying you shouldn’t holiday this way – you really should try it at least once! It was definitely eye-opening for us, and at least this way we know what works for us.

Coming up are our mini-guides to The Tomb of Kings, The Harbour, Blue Lagoon Tours and Coral Bay.

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