The most frequently asked question we see is how to find cheap flights – It’s something we all want, and we want them as cheap as possible. While I can’t promise that these few tips will cut the costs in half; they will, however, go some way to making them as cheap as possible.


before you even consider looking for flights, the first thing to do is open your own private little window. Incognito is perfect for hiding your flight hunt not only from those you haven’t told yet but from sneaky search engines who track your movements in order to show you the most relevant adverts… I’m looking at your google.

How to find cheap flights

Clean those Cookies:

Cookies are something we rack up with every click of the mouse. Each cookie holds a certain amount of data so that when you revisit a site, your provider already knows some of the details; Like your login etc. Clearing the cookies means there is no data stored. So there’s nothing to track, and nothing to regurgitate to you when you revisit a site. To clear your cookies (on mac) simply click ‘Chrome’, and ‘clear browsing data’; it’ll then give you choice to clear just a select few things (history, cookies, passwords etc) or to clear them all – We usually just clear the lot.

Find the right search engine:

These days there are hundreds, if not thousands, of search engines that claim to find you the best deals for flights. I’m not going to list them all – we’d be here days. What I will do is list the ones we used, and what for – as it wasn’t as simple as ‘search and buy’. If only.

Google flights – Start here if you’re not sure where you want to go, as not only does it search through destination, but you can also search through interests! So you want a holiday that includes glorious beaches? Fear not – Google will narrow it down for you! It also shows you flights loosely around the dates you put in OR for any time over a month. So if you’re really flexible and a little bit spontaneous, google flights might be the one for you!

Skyscanner – This is a great app for tracking monthly changes in prices. With their month search you can see on average what the prices are, so if you’re flexible this makes choosing when to fly a little easier. You can also select multiple airports so you can roughly compare prices between those too. Once you have a rough idea of where you’re flying from/too, and when, don’t rush into booking just yet…

Momondo – Some people laugh when I say I compare, comparison sites against each other – but you really should! I found there to be up to £50 difference in prices between Momondo and Skyscanner. That’s why we booked through Momondo; it’s search process isn’t as straightforward, but thanks to Skyscanner we had a rough idea of what we wanted anyway. Hold your horses though… found the perfect flights? Just one more step until we’re ready.

others are Kayak, Expedia, jet2, Opodo and TripAdvisor – although we don’t have any direct experience with these beyond a quick search.


So you’ve definitely found the perfect flight, you have your card ready and the money there. One word of advice though – check out the reviews for the third-party first. It isn’t often that you’ll get cheap flights with the airline direct (but if you do, bonus!) so what will usually happen is you buy your tickets from a third-party company. That’s all well and good if it means cheap tickets, but what you have to remember is not every T.P.C has your best interests at heart. All they want is the money from your purse. It’s common for T.P.C’s to ‘forget’ to update their prices on search engines like Skyscanner and Momondo. This means when you come to buy the prices either jump up or worst still; They let you buy, but then email you to say the cost has actually increased and you need to pay more to confirm your booking. To avoid this we used TrustPilot, A website that has reviews for thousands of companies – not just airlines and ticket websites. We understand no company is going to be perfect. It’s hard to please everyone, and mistakes happen, so look for ones with 3* or higher.

So that’s it, you’re all booked and ready to go!! We hope this post helped you a little, It certainly helped us cut the costs down a bit for our flights. Do you have more tips and tricks on getting cheap flights? Let us know, we love hearing from you.

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How to get cheap flights


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