So… whilst living in England, we felt we didn’t quite fit into the idyllic jigsaw that we call “adulthood”. We knew there was something missing, add to that a sky full of gloomy clouds and dullness, it was a big recipe for change.

We spent most of our evenings watching travel programs, reading travel blogs and basically adding fuel to our fire for a travel lifestyle. Eventually, our mindset began to change.

No longer feeling trapped, we realised that maybe; just maybe if we wanted it hard enough, we could be adventuring full time too!

Only crazy people would sell their home and belongings, then move to the other side of the world! Leaving it all behind, taking nothing but a backpack each and an open mind – That’s impossible right?!

Well that’s exactly what we did… and then Officer Travels was born.

Dec and Leah at Uluru
Us exploring Australia’s Northern Territory!

As the planning began, we wanted to document each step of our journey so that one day we can look back and see how far we’d come from those days sat bored in front of the TV. We wanted to showcase our growing passion for photography and creativity but most importantly; we wanted to inspire people to grab hold of their dreams and make them a reality.

You see, travel didn’t just fall into our laps. We’re not from a rich family and we didn’t win the lottery. We worked hard to be able to achieve our dreams. We put all of our energy into selling our items, what we couldn’t sell we gave away! If we were going to travel full time we wouldn’t be needing our dining table… or even our sofa. Eventually, over the space of 6 months, our home went from a cosy escape to an empty shell, but you know what? We didn’t care, because we were one step closer to achieving our dream!

If it’s worth having, it won’t come easy!

Conquering my fears in New Zealand

When we were ready to leave, all we had left was a box of sentimental items stored at our parents and a 36 ltr backpack each! Our family and friends thought we were crazy and maybe we are… At least we’re happy crazies now though!

So if you’re sat there dreaming about a life of travel, ask yourself this; what can you change in your life, to make it doable?

We changed our mindset and now we live on the other side of the world. We move to a new place every few months and live in a campervan, stopping wherever we choose to. If that isn’t freedom I don’t know what is!

Sure, we still pick up jobs along the way but at least we’re not tied down. Knowing we can leave them at any time and move to a new area whenever we want. Spending nights in our home on wheels wherever the road leads to. Maybe the beach? Sure! In the mountains? Why not. If itchy feet set in it’s no problem to pack up and start exploring somewhere new!

Our trusty van, Mo. Our first taste of #VanLife

So if this sounds like something you want to get down with, you’re in the right place! We want to show you it’s ALL POSSIBLE. Those dreams in your head? Make them a reality.

The freedom we experience… you can have that too!

With our travel guides, planning tips and road trip itineraries, we want to help you realise you can travel as much as you want. There should be no restrictions on life. So get settled in, indulge in your daydreams and let us inspire you to change your mindset.

Welcome to Officer Travels.