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6 stunning locations between Melbourne and Sydney you just HAVE TO see!

Everyone loves a good road trip. Did you know that the route from Melbourne to Sydney has just as much, if not more, to offer compared to The Great Ocean Road? No? Well, it certainly does!! From it’s spectacular golden beaches to its Mountainous views once you cross into New South Wales, this route could possibly be our most favourite one yet. Here are just some of our favourite places to see between Melbourne and Sydney that we think you’ll love just as much as we did!

Phillip Island

Not far from Melbourne is your first stop of the week. Before you even cross over the bridge and onto the island you’ll be greeted with its vast beauty. Aside from the touristy things to do here like the Penguin hike and the Penguin Parade, Phillip Island offers some fantastic coastal walks but if you’re not up for that, don’t worry; the beaches are stunning so slip off your flip-flops and hang out on one for a while.


Wilson’s Prom

A haven for wildlife, Wilson’s Prom is a must do for nature lovers. If, like us, you’ve yet to see a wild Wombat yet; head over to the Wildlife walk. Not only is this your perfect opportunity to spot one but it’s also a beautiful walk. Other wildlife here includes all the other Aussie classics such as Emu, Snakes and Roos.

Once you’ve finished animal spotting, drive a little further to Squeaky Beach and be catapulted back into childhood. As its name would suggest, Squeaky Beach is a beach that comes alive when you step onto it (although better enjoyed with wet feet). This isn’t a quiet beach when it comes to tourists either, popular with children and adults alike expect it to be a little crowded.

If you have plenty of time to spare, book yourself onto one of their campsites and explore Wilsons to its fullest. There are plenty of trails to hike and beaches to relax on as well as Australias most Southern Point, you could spend a good few days here easily!

90 Mile Beach (Flamingo Beach)

This was our favourite stop of the entire trip. Hidden along this 90 mile stretch of beach is a section called Flamingo Beach. If you’re lucky enough, here you’ll be able to enjoy this slice of paradise completely to yourself. We spent 2 hours here and didn’t see a single person the entire time. You’re unable to see the end of the beach in both directions, the sand is pure and the sea is clear; it was easy to imagine we were on a tropical island somewhere all alone.

The Great Alpine Road/Princes Highway

If you want to get the best views on route to Sydney, take The Great Alpine Road, then Princes Highway. You’ll get amazing views almost the entire time, and the small towns and villages it’ll take you through have a little western vibe to offer. It might not be the coastal beauty that the Great Ocean Road is, but it is definitely it’s inland counterpart!


Narooma took my breath away. As you drive off of Princes Highway, and down into this little fishing town, the view you are greeted with is worth the small detour. Its little harbour filled with boats and mountain backdrop makes it look straight off a postcard. We had to stop and admire it’d beauty as well as the locals just going about their daily lives, almost unaware that they live in such a picturesque town.

Sea Cliff Bridge

Possibly the most Iconic stop off on this route, The Sea Cliff Bridge is a popular destination for drone owners. For a unique view of this popular spot drive over the bridge, park up in the little town and have a walk down onto the rocks at low tide. Once the sea’s gone out it leaves the perfect walkway right out to get a different angle of this popular ‘gramable’ spot. Be careful on the slippery surface and watch out for hidden rock pools!


A week didn’t feel long enough to fully explore all these places and we can’t wait to do the trip in reverse! There are so many beautiful places to see between Melbourne to Sydney, New South Wales itself holds so many beautiful places you’d be crazy not to go experience them for yourself!! Have you taken a road trip from Melbourne to Sydney? If you’re looking for other awesome road trips check out this East Coast Itinerary! Have you done the drive from Melbourne to Sydney? Where were your favourite stop-offs we’d love to hear from you!


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