Project Description

ship wreck

SS Maheno 

A haunting top down shot of the SS Maheno. Wrecked ashore Fraser Island; off the coast of Australia in 1935 after becoming victim to a cyclone.
ship wreck at sunrise

The Past of Fraser Island

As the sun rises; casting colour across Fraser Island, SS Maheno wreck creeps into light.
drone shot of the river daintree

The Daintree

The Daintree area is one of the most raw places we’ve travelled. With its immense rainforest and river networks; home to prehistoric creatures such as the Saltwater Crocodile and the Cassowary it feels like nothing short of Jurassic Park.
drone photo of Nusa Pineda

Nusa Penida

One of the most breathtaking coastal cliff faces we have ever witnessed. Nusa Penida is a beautiful island located in Indonesia. Growing ever more popular with tourists, unfortunately it’s gradually losing the “untouched” ora it had when we visited. We will be forever grateful we were lucky enough to go there.
termite mounds

The Crowd

Prominent figures stand in the Northern Territory bushland almost human like, but these structures are actually Magnetic Termite mounds, only found in Australia.