Project Description

sydney opera house


Sometimes in life we can get distracted and forget to appreciate the wonders of the world.
sydney harbour bridge walk

Walking the Line

A group walking the Sydney Harbour Bridge climb during sunset.
grey mountains in new zealand

The Pinnacles of Death  

Putangirua is an amazing area in which Lord of the Rings was filmed. The tall sandstone columns have an extremely sinister presence about them, some of the rock shapes even resemble faces or heads!
maori carvings on the cliff

Forbidden Lake

Only accessible from the water, we kayaked five hours to view these incredible Maori carvings. An inspiring sight and one of  great cultural importance.
the milky way


New Zealand is one of the best countries for star gazing and seeing the Milky Way in all its glory.
lightning storm

A Storm’s Reach

A lightning storm we shall never forget. As though the sky was possessed, every bolt illuminated the sky revealing the storms anger.