Project Description

gannets flying over nest

Dinner Time

Gannets are usually very affectionate birds but sometimes can be quite hostile!
flying gannet

The Living Arrow

Possibly the most streamlined of birds, the gannet is built for incredible flight and dive capabilities.


The wise and curious Balinese long-tailed Macaque have learned how to live alongside humans and know exactly how to get what they want.

Life in Colour

With their amazing vocal ability and vivid colour, Macaw’s are a mischievious breed. You can almost see them planning their next troublesome game!
tree snake hanging from branch

The Eye’s of the Rainforest

The Green Tree Snake watches all that walk through the rainforests of Far North Queensland, Australia.
baby koala in tree

The Beginning

A baby Koala leaving its mother for the very first time, learning to navigate the trees independently.
mother and baby koala

Mother Nature

Even for Koalas, there’s nothing quite like a hug from mum. Joeys will stay with mum for around 12 months, then it’s time to find a territory of their own.
wood pigeon and plane


Whilst exploring an abandoned plane crash we were constantly being followed by this bird…