The truth about #Vanlife – Dealing with judgment

The Truth about #Vanlife - Dealing with the judgment You've all seen the #vanlife movement slowly taking over Instagram. The dreamy rear window views of beaches and rainforests, but take it from someone who's lived in a van for nearly 2 years... it isn't like this every day. Damn it isn't like this, most days. This week we're launching our 'the truth about #vanlife' series where we'll let you [...]

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A last minute TOWNSVILLE stay – things to do in Townsville

A last-minute Townsville stay! Have you ever arrived at a town that completely blew your expectations away? When we spent a couple of days in Townsville, Queensland, it did exactly that! We knew you could get to Magnetic Island from here, but we weren’t really sure what else we’d find. As it turns out, it’s is a really pretty place and there’s plenty of things to do in Townsville [...]

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An itinerary for ONE WEEK in Indonesia – Island hopping around Bali

Our itinerary for one week in Indonesia Ahh, Indonesia, the country that captured our imagination and left our taste buds tingling in the short week we spent there. Starting in Bali, we were unprepared for the pure natural beauty that awaited us as we whisked our way around this paradise nation. We visited a whopping 5 places during our one week in Indonesia, so here’s our Indonesia 1 week [...]

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We bought a CAMPERVAN! The Story of ‘Mighty Mo’ – A travel diary

The story of buying mighty mo! This is a very well overdue post (oopsie! Sorry!), especially if you've been following our travels on Instagram! But here it is, the story of Mo! And her mighty make-over!! It’s been a well-known dream of ours to have a Campervan that we can use for full-time travel. In the UK that seemed near impossible, a decent one was well [...]

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planning your BACKPACKING Adventure – A beginners guide

Whether it's for a month or a year, if you're planning on Backpacking Australia you're probably wondering where to begin; We were exactly the same! As we fast approach the 6-week mark prior to us hopping on that one-way flight it's safe to say we have this planning malarkey down to a T. So grab a glass of wine and let's get planning your next big adventure! WHEN The first and most [...]

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