CORAL BAY to Paphos Harbour – What you need to know

If you're situated along the Paphos coast between Coral Bay and The Paphos Harbour, did you know you can go between the two easily, and cheaply, on public transport? For just €5 a day you can buy an unlimited hop on hop off day pass for the 615 public bus. This runs every 10 minutes going to/from the popular Coral Bay and The Harbour; passing the Kings Avenue Mall if you fancy a bit [...]

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The TOMB OF KINGS in Paphos – A quick guide

If you're anything like us you'll love exploring the old parts of a city or town and learning about days gone by, and our holiday to Paphos, Cyprus was no different. Looking for something different to do in the day we came across  The Tomb of Kings - just a hop away from the cluster of hotels where we stayed in Paphos, these ancient ruins gave us a look back at history and [...]

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Holidaying like Brits in CYPRUS – And why we won’t be doing it again.

We usually like holiday's with a difference; near hiking tracks and places we can explore off the beaten path or somewhere with a bit of uniqueness. This time, however, we craved a beachy setting. Somewhere we could just relax and watch the waves crash, cocktails in hand. It would still be an adventure, but it wouldn't take it out of us and leave us needing another week to get recover from [...]

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