6 ways to REDUCE your PLASTIC FOOTPRINT – Our plastic pollution solution

Our Plastic Pollution Solution This month is ‘plastic free July’ and if there’s one thing our trip to Bali highlighted for us, it was the drastic need to reduce our plastic intake; as individuals, as travellers and as humans. Did you know that globally we buy about 1,000,000 plastic bottles per minute… Per minute! That’s an insane amount and so upsetting when you consider how many eco-friendly alternatives to [...]

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Moving from MELBOURNE to SYDNEY – What to expect!

What to expect when moving from Melbourne to Sydney We spent over 3 months living in Melbourne, a city that truly stole our hearts but as the new year came round we knew it was time for a change. In January we took another road trip from Melbourne up the coast to visit Sydney and we stayed; We literally never want to leave. Everyone we meet asks us that [...]

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Holidaying like Brits in CYPRUS – And why we won’t be doing it again.

We usually like holiday's with a difference; near hiking tracks and places we can explore off the beaten path or somewhere with a bit of uniqueness. This time, however, we craved a beachy setting. Somewhere we could just relax and watch the waves crash, cocktails in hand. It would still be an adventure, but it wouldn't take it out of us and leave us needing another week to get recover from [...]

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