Top 5 zoos in ENGLAND – A look into ethical tourism

Ethical Travel and the search for ethical zoos in England and across the globe is a hot topic at the moment. The use of animals being used as entertainment for travellers who don't know any better is central to a lot of debates of the recent year, and rightly so. From the Whale Sharks of Donsol; to the endless list of Elephant ‘sanctuaries’ across South East Asia and even lion [...]

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The GRANTS MUSEUM of Zoology – A unique look at natural history

The free Museums in London are great. Well, they're a good free attraction in any city. Just ask anyone their recommendations for London and in the top 5 will be The Natural History Museum; and rightly so, it's a fantastic place that you could spend days exploring. But what if you've already done that? or don't fancy the crowds? What if there was another place hidden just around the corner that [...]

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Our SPONTANEOUS trip to the Edge of the World – A travel diary

One of the hardest, yet best, decision I've ever made (so far) lead to one of the greatest summers we've ever had. To spontaneously quit my job. I was working in a sweet shop in my hometown and had grown to hate it. The same faces day in day out. It gave me itchy feet, made me want to see more than these four walls. The straw that broke the Camels back [...]

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The LOST GARDEN of Heligan – A Cornish History

The lost gardens of Heligan - A hidden gem Hidden off the coast of Cornwall lies a lost Gem. A piece of history often overlooked in favour of the Eden Project, and in summer 2015 we almost made the same mistake. This is an attraction that definitely deserves a ranking in the top 10 things to do in Cornwall. As we drove down the bendy lanes towards The Lost [...]

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The Devil’s Arse; CAVE HOPPING in the English countryside – A travel diary

The name often has children and adults alike giggling as they queue to enter; once you're inside it's no laughing matter. For those of you who are claustrophobic, this may not be the adventure for you. In the centre of England is the Peak District, and here you'll find The Devil's Arse Cave; or more commonly known as Peak Cavern.  We stumbled upon this gem whilst on a visit to Castleton; not [...]

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