How we underestimated JET-LAG – And how we beat it

How to deal with Jetlag! What is Jet lag? Everyone knows when you travel through the time zones you're at risk of getting jet lag, in fact, it's highly likely. There's tons of information on how to prevent it, but nobody ever talks about what jet lag is, or how it can affect your first week (or two!) of travel. One thing's for sure; we underestimated just how messed up [...]

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China Southern 4* Review – Why you should fly CS

Our China Southern Review - a 4* Airline Choosing who we'd fly with from the UK to Australia wasn't a decision we took lightly; We wanted comfort within our budget and a nice long layover. We wanted to know that our luggage (if we chose to check any) was going to be safe but also that we were going to be safe - it was going to be a long [...]

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A guide to A long layover in GUANGZHOU – how to make the most of it

When choosing our flights we knew we wanted to make the most of the opportunity to see a slice of another country. That meant looking for a layover that allowed enough time for us to leave the airport, in a country that didn’t have a hefty visa process. It just so happens we stumbled across what must have been the perfect layover for us; 14 hours in Guangzhou with China [...]

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Finding CHEAP FLIGHTS – The ultimate hacks

The most frequently asked question we see is how to find cheap flights - It's something we all want, and we want them as cheap as possible. While I can't promise that these few tips will cut the costs in half; they will, however, go some way to making them as cheap as possible. Incognito: before you even consider looking for flights, the first thing to do is open your own [...]

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