FREE places to see Glow Worms in New Zealand – An unforgettable experience

Being able to see glow worms in New Zealand is on many tourists bucket list and after we were able to find them in Australia, I knew we just had to see them here too. A quick google search will bring up hundreds upon hundreds of recommendations for expensive tours, adventure packages and mass group tours but did you know you can see glow worms in New [...]

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Beautiful SHORT WALKS around Lake Waikaremoana – Te Urewera National Park

We wandered off the backpacker's beaten path a little (again!) after our visit to the Mahia Reserve and found ourselves at Te Urewera National Park’s famous Lake Waikaremoana. Those of you who are into hiking will probably already know about this area but for anyone who doesn’t, Lake Waikaremoana is home to one of New Zealand’s many great walks. This particular one will dance you around the edge of the [...]

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Mahia Peninsula – A HIDDEN GEM on New Zealand’s East Coast

Chances are you hadn’t heard about Mahia Peninsula before now, it’s ok we hadn’t either, but don’t worry! We’re going to tell you all about this hidden gem and why we think you should stop at Mahia Peninsula on your way to Napier! The Mahia Peninsula is 3 hours North of Napier or roughly 2 hours South of Gisborne. It doesn’t particularly stand out on maps and it never crops up [...]

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Discovering the beauty of LITCHFIELD NATIONAL PARK Termite Mounds – A day trip from Darwin

Discovering the beauty of Litchfield National Park Termite Mounds - A day trip from Darwin The Northern Territory is full of unique natural wonders at every turn. Not many compare to the Litchfield National Park Termite Mounds though. Built by tiny termites, these structures are not to be missed while exploring Australia’s North and give you a different perspective on life, and how amazing nature really is. Don’t worry [...]

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Is the Valley of the Winds walk WORTH IT? – Kata Tjuta National Park

Is the Valley of the Winds walk worth it- Kata Tjuta National Park Did you know Uluru has a more mysterious big sister? Her name is Kata Tjuta and not many visitors to Uluru know about her until they get there. We were like those people. The Red Centre is so popular because of the sacred Uluru and the history/stories that surround it that Kata Tjuta is often overlooked [...]

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