Is the Valley of the Winds walk WORTH IT? – Kata Tjuta National Park

Is the Valley of the Winds walk worth it- Kata Tjuta National Park Did you know Uluru has a more mysterious big sister? Her name is Kata Tjuta and not many visitors to Uluru know about her until they get there. We were like those people. The Red Centre is so popular because of the sacred Uluru and the history/stories that surround it that Kata Tjuta is often overlooked [...]

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What to expect from the ULURU BASE WALK – And why you should do it too!

Whether you know it as Uluru or Ayres Rock, this National Park is possibly Australia’s most famous, most visited and most iconic. The fact we were able to travel there in our little old camper van has been one of the best experiences of our entire trip and we wanted to take you on that journey too. So here’s our ‘step-by-step’ guide to help you know what to expect from [...]

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The perfect eco-friendly TRAVEL JOURNAL – get 10% off and preserve your travel memories

The perfect eco-friendly travel journal! We're all looking for the perfect way of preserving travel memories but if you’re anything like me, finding the time to sit and write a journal can be hard. Especially when you’re in a new city and just want to explore until the night is over! Instagram is a great way but everyone knows that a huge percentage of wants on Instagram isn’t the [...]

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We’ve been nominated for the LIEBSTER AWARD – an award for bloggers, by bloggers

Our Liebster Award nomination Sometimes the nicest surprises come when they're needed the most. We'd had a pretty rough week of work and we were starting to get fed up with the rural New South Wales winter... who knew Australia could reach -3!!! Dreaming of our next day off I opened Instagram to find I had a new message waiting... 'I've nominated you for the Liebster Award'... I stared blankly [...]

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Australia WILDLIFE SPOTTING guide – Our Australian wildlife bucket list!

I’ve always been obsessed with wildlife, you won’t be surprised to hear that David Attenborough is a huge inspiration to me and part of the reason why I love to travel so much; I mean, have you seen some of the places he’s been to?? Over the last year, travelling Australia has given us the opportunity to see some pretty amazing animals up close and while my goal would be [...]

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