Rental car relocation NZ and how it works – a CHEAPER way to travel

We were on the hunt for a budget friendly way to move between the North and South Island, our last minute decision meant we were looking at a hefty price for flights or the intercity bus - $100+ per person - which was money we weren’t wanting to spend. We had never heard of people doing rental car relocation in New Zealand before but it turned out [...]

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3 day FRASER ISLAND itinerary – Australia’s worst kept secret

3 Day Fraser Island Self Drive itinerary When we decided to do a self-drive tour of Fraser Island, we were unprepared for its natural beauty. Sure we’d heard about its lush white sands and its beach that stretches for miles and miles, but actually being there seeing it for ourselves, that was a whole different story. We’re glad we chose to do a DIY tour as it gave us [...]

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FRASER ISLAND self drive tour – How to see the Island WITHOUT a group tour.

How to plan a Fraser Island self drive tour Fraser Island is a big bucket list item for many people travelling Australia’s famous East Coast, we were no different, but have you ever wondered if you can do a Fraser Island self-drive tour instead of going with a guide? We couldn’t wait to visit and see its beauty for ourselves but joining a group tour was the last thing [...]

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Day trip to Nusa Penida – A guide to an Island Paradise

Making the most of your day trip to Nusa Penida Nusa Penida, an Island paradise off the coast of Lombok. A destination that was little known about until it went viral on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube. Now it’s at the top of everyone's bucket list, including ours. We knew as soon as we saw that Iconic photo of Kelingking Beach that we had to visit Nusa Penida for ourselves [...]

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Conquering my FEARS on the GILI ISLANDS – plus 5 tips to help you!

Conquering my fears at Gili Air For years I have had a crippling fear of the ocean. As pretty as it is, the thought of going beyond ankle deep terrified me. Come to think of it, I have a lot of fears, but my love for nature had me facing them all head on during our trip to Indonesia. None more so than on Gili Air. With its [...]

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