The truth about #Vanlife – Dealing with judgment

The Truth about #Vanlife - Dealing with the judgment You've all seen the #vanlife movement slowly taking over Instagram. The dreamy rear window views of beaches and rainforests, but take it from someone who's lived in a van for nearly 2 years... it isn't like this every day. Damn it isn't like this, most days. This week we're launching our 'the truth about #vanlife' series where we'll let you [...]

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Reflections on a YEAR OF TRAVEL – 12 thoughts after 12 months travelling

Reflections on a year of full-time travel I can’t believe we’ve been on the road for a whole year. The time has flown by and I know that in a blink we’ll be another year down the line and no longer in Australia! If there’s a cliche that’s never been truer, it’s this; travel changes you. It’s true. This post was originally going to be about life lessons and [...]

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AFRICAN Rhino conservation and WILDLIFE photography – An inspirational interview

Becoming a wildlife conservationist - living in Africa As part of our new series 'wildlife Wednesdays,' we're speaking to travellers from all over the world about their experiences with ethical animal encounters. We kick off our first one with Angie, whose work we have been following closely through her Instagram and blog 'boots on the ground'. Angie spends her days working closely with the anti-poaching teams in Africa to help [...]

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Conquering my FEARS on the GILI ISLANDS – plus 5 tips to help you!

Conquering my fears at Gili Air For years I have had a crippling fear of the ocean. As pretty as it is, the thought of going beyond ankle deep terrified me. Come to think of it, I have a lot of fears, but my love for nature had me facing them all head on during our trip to Indonesia. None more so than on Gili Air. With its [...]

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Gen Xers TAKE ON THE WORLD – How the older generation can still travel

Gen-Xers taking on the world! Audrey and Andrew, budget travellers who run Gumnuts Abroad travel blog, have over 30 years experience in Globetrotting as a couple and with 20+ countries under their belt, this travelling couple sure have some stories to tell! We got the chance to speak to the couple about how they've seen travel change over the years and find out what pearls of wisdom they can [...]

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