Our favourite DAY TRIPS from SYDNEY – You won’t want to miss these!

Our favourite nature day trips from Sydney If there’s one thing Australia isn’t short of, it’s the ability to drive just an hour out from any of the cities and find yourself immersed in nature. The same can be said for Sydney, no matter how much we loved the hustle and bustle while we were there, we were always keen to find the next best day trip. No matter [...]

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Whale watching in Sydney – A day trip to remember!

Where to see whales from Sydney They’re one of the largest mammals in our oceans, the sea’s majestic clowns and to most, they’re an animal you can only dream of encountering. For 5 months every year, June - November, humpbacks migrate past Australia's east coast to the great barrier reef where they give birth before heading back to the Antarctic for the rest of the year. These 5 months [...]

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Moving from MELBOURNE to SYDNEY – What to expect!

What to expect when moving from Melbourne to Sydney We spent over 3 months living in Melbourne, a city that truly stole our hearts but as the new year came round we knew it was time for a change. In January we took another road trip from Melbourne up the coast to visit Sydney and we stayed; We literally never want to leave. Everyone we meet asks us that [...]

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5 DATE IDEAS in SYDNEY – Suggestions that won’t break the bank

5 Date ideas that won't break the bank in Sydney Valentines is just around the corner (yay?) so if you’re lucky enough to be travelling Sydney with your partner, or have met someone while here we’ve put together our 5 favourite budget date ideas to give you the best Valentines in Sydney. Don’t worry though! These budget ideas will still get those romantic vibes flowing and have you feeling well and [...]

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