5 DATE IDEAS in SYDNEY – Suggestions that won’t break the bank

5 Date ideas that won't break the bank in Sydney Valentines is just around the corner (yay?) so if you’re lucky enough to be travelling Sydney with your partner, or have met someone while here we’ve put together our 5 favourite budget date ideas to give you the best Valentines in Sydney. Don’t worry though! These budget ideas will still get those romantic vibes flowing and have you feeling well and [...]

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The TOMB OF KINGS in Paphos – A quick guide

If you're anything like us you'll love exploring the old parts of a city or town and learning about days gone by, and our holiday to Paphos, Cyprus was no different. Looking for something different to do in the day we came across  The Tomb of Kings - just a hop away from the cluster of hotels where we stayed in Paphos, these ancient ruins gave us a look back at history and [...]

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The SPANISH village of CAVES – Discover Galera

Nestled in the mountains of Granada, Southern Spain, is my favourite little village in Europe; Galera. Just 1183 Spanish locals live here, and a handful of British; most likely attracted to the rural beauty and unique character it has to offer. When my dad took me and my sisters for a visit in 2013, I instantly fell in Love. So now whenever somebody asks for Spanish recommendations this is on the top [...]

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A Spanish New Year’s Delight – A travel diary

Indulging in some Spanish Traditions We chose to celebrate the end of 2015 in my favourite little place; Galera. We discovered so much on this holiday from new viewpoints at the top of the mountains to the extent the Spanish will go to make you feel welcome. All this made us appreciate how lucky we are to be able to travel to these places and celebrate here. New Year's [...]

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