4 reasons to ROAD TRIP around the Coromandel Peninsula

If there’s one thing we love more than road tripping, it’s road tripping through unexpected scenery - and that’s exactly what happened when we took a road trip around the Coromandel Peninsula. If I’m completely honest, after being not-so blown-away by Auckland we had a few reservations about what the North Island was going to have in store for us. We had many people tell us to ‘just do a [...]

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5 Things we WISH WE’D KNOWN before our visit to Uluru – Australia’s Red Centre

Uluru is a place that’s been high on our bucket list for many years and 2018 was the year we finally got to see it in all its glory. We often say a place was better than we expected, but Uluru blew away every expectation we had and made the long road trip through the outback to get there so much sweeter. There are a few things we wish we’d [...]

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The truth about #Vanlife – Dealing with judgment

The Truth about #Vanlife - Dealing with the judgment You've all seen the #vanlife movement slowly taking over Instagram. The dreamy rear window views of beaches and rainforests, but take it from someone who's lived in a van for nearly 2 years... it isn't like this every day. Damn it isn't like this, most days. This week we're launching our 'the truth about #vanlife' series where we'll let you [...]

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8 places to see in the AUSTRALIAN OUTBACK – A road trip from Cairns to Darwin

Explore the Outback with these amazing places to see between Cairns and Darwin We’re fast approaching the last edition of our ‘places to see’ road trip itineraries for Australia but this time we’re heading further inland than we’ve ever been so far. I never imagined there’d be so many amazing places to see between Cairns and Darwin, especially since we decided to head down and west instead of over [...]

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10 UNIQUE places to see between SYDNEY and BRISBANE – Road trip ideas.

Sydney is a popular starting point for the famous East Coast Australia Road trip. After being in Australia for over a year it’s safe to say we racked up quite a ‘to-do list’ before we started ours, so we decided to split our trip into sections and do a slow road trip from Sydney to Brisbane first. This meant we got to explore a lot of little places on the [...]

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