Our OUTBACK CAMPING checklist – preparing for the Australian Outback

When we were putting together our outback camping checklist, we weren’t 100% sure what we were going to be faced with. While we wouldn’t be deliberately going down any 4x4 tracks, we knew we needed to be prepared for every possibility. That included breaking down, extreme weather, illness and everything in between. Preparing for the Australian outback might seem like a daunting task at first, but we hope this outback [...]

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10 effective ways to afford FULL TIME VAN LIVING – “How 2 Van-Life” Series

10 effective ways to afford full time van living We've been living in our van full time now for 2 years, so it's safe to say we've racked up a few nifty, but effective ways to make van life affordable. You're probably asking yourself "how cheap is van life", and whether it really is the lifestyle for you, and that's why we've put together this post! After reading this [...]

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The truth about #Vanlife – Dealing with judgment

The Truth about #Vanlife - Dealing with the judgment You've all seen the #vanlife movement slowly taking over Instagram. The dreamy rear window views of beaches and rainforests, but take it from someone who's lived in a van for nearly 2 years... it isn't like this every day. Damn it isn't like this, most days. This week we're launching our 'the truth about #vanlife' series where we'll let you [...]

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3 day FRASER ISLAND itinerary – Australia’s worst kept secret

3 Day Fraser Island Self Drive itinerary When we decided to do a self-drive tour of Fraser Island, we were unprepared for its natural beauty. Sure we’d heard about its lush white sands and its beach that stretches for miles and miles, but actually being there seeing it for ourselves, that was a whole different story. We’re glad we chose to do a DIY tour as it gave us [...]

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Our favourite DAY TRIPS from SYDNEY – You won’t want to miss these!

Our favourite nature day trips from Sydney If there’s one thing Australia isn’t short of, it’s the ability to drive just an hour out from any of the cities and find yourself immersed in nature. The same can be said for Sydney, no matter how much we loved the hustle and bustle while we were there, we were always keen to find the next best day trip. No matter [...]

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