Discovering the beauty of LITCHFIELD NATIONAL PARK Termite Mounds – A day trip from Darwin

Discovering the beauty of Litchfield National Park Termite Mounds - A day trip from Darwin The Northern Territory is full of unique natural wonders at every turn. Not many compare to the Litchfield National Park Termite Mounds though. Built by tiny termites, these structures are not to be missed while exploring Australia’s North and give you a different perspective on life, and how amazing nature really is. Don’t worry [...]

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8 places to see in the AUSTRALIAN OUTBACK – A road trip from Cairns to Darwin

Explore the Outback with these amazing places to see between Cairns and Darwin We’re fast approaching the last edition of our ‘places to see’ road trip itineraries for Australia but this time we’re heading further inland than we’ve ever been so far. I never imagined there’d be so many amazing places to see between Cairns and Darwin, especially since we decided to head down and west instead of over [...]

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Our favourite FREE things to do near CAIRNS – Budget-friendly day trips

Our favourite free things to do near Cairns! Cairns is often overlooked as a tourist destination, with Brisbane being Queensland’s capital a lot see it solely as a finishing point for their East Coast journey or launching pad for the Great Barrier Reef. We think there’s much more to Cairns and it’s surrounding area, especially if you’re looking for free activities! During our 3 months in the Cairns we [...]

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The best place to see PLATYPUS at the Atherton Tablelands – Finding Australia’s most mysterious animal

Completing our mission to find wild platypus in Australia If you’re new here, there’s one thing you need to know; we love finding local wildlife. In each county, we visit we put together a wildlife bucket list and there was only one animal to tick off of our Australian one; The duckbilled platypus. Widespread across Australia, you’d think they would be fairly easy to find but it seems they’re [...]

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Two days at AUSTRALIA ZOO – Childhood dreams do come true!

Two days at Australia Zoo “I’m like a child who’s waited all year for Christmas. The day has finally arrived and I’m sat in the car park, 45 minutes before the place opens staring up at a giant poster of Steve Irwin. I’m not going to lie, I cried. Yep, like an actual child I sit in the carpark whimpering, but at least these are tears of joy. Too [...]

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